Project Structure

Architectural Builds

We work collaboratively with Architects to plan, strategise and execute the best possible design for each individual...

Project Structure

Earthquake Assessments

Our experience with the Christchurch market has lead us to develop solutions for the unique and varied...

Project Structure

Residential Renovations

We are committed to understanding what our clients needs and dreams are, and adapting to the requirements…

Project Structure

Commercial & Industrial

We have the people and skills to tackle any project. We’re not afraid to think outside the square…

About us

The team behind Project Structure has been built on a foundation of quality and efficiency.

Attention from the top

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You can expect that your project will receive the attention it deserves. Our directors pride themselves on being hands on and producing results in the highest quality.

Getting the scope right

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Experience tells us that executing the correct design requires getting the scope right from the beginning. This has a direct impact on the efficiency and cost of a project. Therefore we ensure all key parties are consulted with on the initial designs and strategies to ensure the smoothest road possible to completion.

Time & cost

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Engaging key parties early in the design process creates the ability for us to be efficient, accurate and economic. Our aim is that we meet the time-frames and budget and exceed your expectations.

You’re unique

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You're unique and we adapt to fit your needs and dreams. We understand that no two projects are alike and clients' dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Our adaptability and clever solutions mean we go the extra mile to make it work.

We have the knack, we admit it!

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We constantly strive to improve and adapt our skills and designs and pay attention to the ever changing market demands. This enables us to customise our tools for each unique project. We enjoy the challenge when an architects design pushes the boundary, or a clients dream home sits outside the box.

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